Monday, October 17, 2011

Last Laugh

Hahaha. Well played, Murphy's Law. Well played.

I have food poisoning (the windshield).

It's not terrible, but just enough to completely derail me (the bug).

And, lucky me, we have a Halloween party.

Which the toddler has been throwing a 16-year-old tantrum over costumes. Hours and hours of emo drama. Oh. My. God.

We tried 4 costumes. I even pulled out an 80-year-old vintage kimono and did a Geisha costume for her. She looked darling. Which means, of course, she hated it and her shrieks spiraled into new octaves.

I'm about ready to yank her clothes altogether and call her Lady Godiva, except I hear CPS frowns on that.

My student canceled tonight, which is good since I feel pretty yuck-o. Of course, yet another Monday with no billable income. I'm, like, totally talented at making no money.

The other federal school program is still waiting on funding.

Further, the endoscopy with anesthesia to combat my Twilight Kung-Fu now conflicts with that job. They haven't fired me because they have no idea as to start date and think they can get a sub so it may work out. But I would not be surprised if this one fell through too.

Okay, time for the Halloween party. Let's all hope I don't puke!

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