Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Wand Worked

Those fairies making wands in China are totally badass. Voila! I am better. From feeling like my head was going to detonate and shoot my teeth out like shrapnel to perfect health. Just in time for other sh*t to hit the fan, but this blog is not about that sh*t.

We've been taking the toddler to church because she is curious about Jesus. I have PTSD from being a preacher's kid, as evidenced by the sorry fact I cry every time we go to church, but we go anyway. I have learned to bring Kleenex. (No, not kidding. Yes, totally lame, I'm working on it.)

This week, they dressed up in their costumes and collected change for UNICEF from the adult Sunday School classes. Isn't she adorable?

When I was a pre-teen, the family business took me to weaving conventions on a regular basis. It was as hippie dippie as it sounds. My mom bought me the kimono the toddler has on* and I dug it out of the closet when I saw how cheap and crappy the store costumes were. Sorry, not paying $30 for fall apart crap made with industrial carcinogens--those fairies in China are slacking on the Halloween costume front.

(*I did actually wear it. Worse, I liked it. Which may explain why I was such a loner during my adolescence. Kimonos were not and are still not 'in.' )

Of course, only after I got the toddler all excited about the costume did I find out the kimono has some value. It's about 60 years old and people collect them. I had no idea! Now I'm just holding my breath that this is not its last year on this earth.

But she's happy. I'm happy she's happy given that she had a 5 hour fit over costumes a couple weeks ago. And it's kind of a family tradition as I was a Geisha girl for Halloween back in the day.

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  1. Excellent kimono! And I'm glad the fairy wand worked. I need me one of those! Happy halloween!


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