Monday, December 19, 2011


I am currently surrounded by sugar (and I like it). The cookie baking has begun in earnest as of today. We will be boxing goodies up for neighbors and mailing packages to family. I've already made three different cookies, one more recipe and I'm done!

The thing most people don't realize is that the weather affects baking. Whereas I made centerfold gorgeous molasses crackle tops on Saturday when it was snowing, today, the same recipe yields less attractive models just because it's raining and humid. Like how curly hair frizzes in the rain. Same scientific principle. Boo science.

This means in between blogging, I am running to the stove to use my cookie whacker to whack out the frizz. Yes, I have a cookie whacker. Yes, it's totally a professional term.

Okay, so maybe I'm a little nuts about the cookies. However, keep in mind these inspire hoarding behavior in people. Which is as close as I'll get to being a rock star.

Here are the results of today's cookie whacking:

10mg updose was a success. I didn't get a ZOOM of energy but I had steady, even energy all day. I was kind of hoping for a big ZOOM like a good little addict, but normal was nice too. Didn't feel adrenal at all, which, if you have been following along at home, you know the day after exercise has been an issue for me. Not so with 10mg on board.

Today I'm feeling a little hung over from the carb load yesterday. I fell victim to the 'you ate so good that surely a piece of cake at 11pm won't hurt' ploy. Food is so evil that way. Also, those cookies were so picture perfect, I had to partake.

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