Monday, December 12, 2011


Sunday was bad.

Sunday kicked my ass.

Major fatigue.

I even went to bed super early the night before!

We made some minor adjustments to our plans,but otherwise went on with the day.

Since we are crazy mental people, we have decided to repaint the guest room and bathroom 10 days before the guests show up.

Which meant I took the toddler to church (hubby dropped us off so I didn't have to drive) while hubby worked on the rooms.

Then we went to grandma and grandpa's house so the toddler could go cut down a Christmas tree. Under the guise of keeping grandma company while she baked cookies, I stayed at the house and rested. I just was not sure I could handle walking in the bitter cold.

The hubby already had his hands full with the toddler not wanting to walk in mud and my family trying to saw down an already cut tree--complete with angry swearing--because they are special like The Griswolds. Who needs a fading wife doing the sad zombie shuffle in the snow to make things even more annoying?

At least the hubby can laugh. Picture three grown men trying to saw down a tree and completely failing to notice it is no longer attached to the ground. Then they get mad at each other for not doing it right. And my husband is the only one who can see it's already been virtue of the large freaking pole holding it up and the rope attaching the tree to the pole.

I am trying to push myself to do more. The fatigue isn't going anywhere, but life will sure as hell leave me behind. So I'm trying, but I think it was a good call to avoid the tree farm.

No GI upset, but serious fatigue and sharp flank pain. Plus freezing cold all day, just couldn't get warm. Finally perked up at night, just in time to go to bed. Argh.

Last but not least, I've been asking random internet strangers if I look tan. Because the hubby and I can see the color change, but I don't know if it would be obvious to anyone else. I'm not outside the range of normal.

However, I have had to switch to a darker make-up base, which is pretty objective evidence. By the time your usual face paint no longer matches your skin, something is different.

I am curious to know what it could be. Last time it was transient. Will it be the same this time?


  1. Boo on Sunday! Hope tomorrow's better!

  2. :( bad days suck. I hope this passes soon.

    Regarding your "tan"...You know my rule about when you look funny (medically speaking) - Take pictures.


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