Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sins, Pockets and Fatigue

Since I'm down to just one pair of workout pants that fit, I bought a new pair from Costco. They don't try to fall down, and supposedly have a key pocket, but I've been feeling myself up for ten minutes and can't find it. So now instead of holding up the waistband, I'll be searching for that damn pocket.

The girl feeling her own ass, is just me looking for a pocket I paid $20 for. It's not a come-on, honest.

Friday continued to be not as much fun as Wednesday. Still tired. Abdominal pain, back pain and reduced appetite. We mostly stayed close to home as the Early Intervention teacher came to our house for the last session of the year since the preschool closed for the holidays.

Which meant deep cleaning. OMG. I spent two hours in the toddler's playroom. She's usually pretty neat, but she's going through another Tasmanian Devil phase. We can't turn our backs on her or she'll set something on fire or douse it with water or cut it with scissors or utterly destroy it. So, basically, I filled a garbage bag, hand sorted tiny little pieces of millions of toys and decided we don't need anything from Santa.

Except maybe a maid. Or some kind of toy nanny robot that gives a mild electric shock once a certain threshold of mess is attained.

By the way, she cut her hair the last time I dared to blink, so we will be going to the hairdresser to even it out. Thank goodness she has curly hair, it hides many many sins.

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