Saturday, December 10, 2011


I have three weeks to:

1.Get in shape for this New Year's wedding deal.

2.Re-learn how to walk in fancy heels. Being a sick-at-home-mommy has not required much dressing up.

3.Avoid re-rolling my ankle while re-learning how to walk in fancy heels. This ought to be good. I can barely stand in the damn things.

PS. See the picture? The swelling is pretty much gone now. I can still see a bit on the left, but I'm close to normal.

4.Find something to wear. Of the items in my closet, I'm in between too big and too small. I like this dress and this dress but can't afford either (unless maybe they go on sale at 90% off after Christmas, please Santa?). So I think I'm going to try and thrift it.

Although I am tempted to go in sweat pants because my fashion standards these days only require the toddler to look cute. Who gives a sh*t if the mommy wears the same too-big sweats three days in a row? That cute panda sweater the toddler is wearing is so damn dazzling no one notices I have to hold up my waist band as I walk (now up to three work out pants that are too big, yet I am still super fat somehow. The laws of science suck.).

Exercised Friday. Wonder what Saturday will bring? We are having a 'family adventure day' and going to the big farmer's market. The hubby has promised marvels such as Nutella banana crepes.

If I eat 50 or so of those suckers, maybe the too big stuff will fit in time for the wedding reception.

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