Saturday, January 21, 2012

All Over the Place

I promised myself to stay off the computer today and give my body a break. I've been working on the computer so much, my back hurts from top to bottom.

But the hubby took the toddler off on some jaunt to a friend's house and I should probably take the time to work.

But I need a break.

Can't decide how to resolve the conflict so here I am.

Hi. How are you?

Still doing pretty well. Feeling kind of run down, and was fighting a sore throat/congestion bug yesterday.

Where I'm really in trouble is with my knee. My poor sainted knee. I would not blame it if it reported me for domestic violence.

Did a side kick about a month ago and felt a small *pop*. It's been grinding ever since, like fingernails on chalkboard. The patella is slanted, but I think it's been like that.

Have no idea what to do for it and the idea of going to the doctor makes me feel all adrenal and like I might possibly be allergic. I don't want to be the patient that makes Amelia Bedelia a diagnosis.

But I can't do my squats either and you know how I love me some squatting. HooRAH.

Books are doing well. I don't know how sustainable any of it is, the industry is constantly shifting which is annoying. The evolution of the internet is all about giving small webpreneurs the shaft. However, if I can build on it, I may be able to actually make an income at some point. The trick is to be prolific while still maintaining quality--that's a hard trick, in case you were wondering.

The other trick is to stay ahead of the plagiarists who are really just credit card thieves. They scrape content, republish it and then charge to the limit. Ever see an ebook listed for $100 $700? That's probably a stolen credit card laundering scheme. Especially if the cover is particularly bad.

Still no exercise. I've been working too hard to take the time and then I was kind of maybe sick. Plus, I'm in a place right now where I don't miss it too much. That means I need to find a Zumba class stat.


  1. Oh, sorry to hear about your knee. The thought of a doctor visit, errrrg. But at least this is pretty circumscribed - a localizable problem with a definable start date/event. Of course, I am thinking of my hip as I write this and realizing that what seems like it should be an easily diagnosed, more or less mechanical issue isn't always. sigh.

    I hope you get some energy back soon. Would changing your work station/desk set up help at all in terms of you working at the computer? I'm looking into doing this myself, my wrist can't take much keyboarding on my current set up.

  2. Sorry about the knee. Have you ever tried physio?

    Way to go on the writing

    Hope you feel betta!


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