Friday, January 13, 2012


For all us dancing divas, can I just recommend the LED light wands from the Target toy section? (Or something like this from Amazon.)We got one for the toddler and we love turning off the lights and using the light wand. In fact, we plan to invest quite heavily in funky lights for dancing in the dark.

We're kind of committed to the dancing thing. Or is it... we should be committed for the dancing thing? I always forget.

This is why I kind of can't wait to try the dancing games on the Wii.

Also, I spent most of the day kicking myself for using the phrase 'feral monkeys' in yesterday's post because aren't all monkeys pretty much feral? Even the alleged tame one that ripped off that woman's face? I should have gone with feral cats.

It ate at me and I refused to let myself go in and edit it because this blog is not about quality. In any way shape or form. I am way too busy editing other stuff to edit this blog.

Yet here I am, fixated on something you probably aren't even thinking about.

Anyway, it's feral cats, people.

Maybe my inner editor will stop hyperventilating now.

Thursday started well but I got bogged down with fatigue. I'm not sure what was going on, but I think I'm going to try and not take anything today. Just because there was a teeny tiny feeling of possibly too much steroid. I'm not sure I believe that feeling and certainly the sensation of adrenal pain was stronger, but it doesn't hurt to try.

This has really really really sucked. I told the hubby that next time I am huddled on the couch, shivering from cold, hunched over from nausea, afraid to even move lest I hurl to please please please suggest that maybe I should take some steroids. Maybe even bring me the pills with some water even. Because I am not above doing stupid things like thinking serious adrenal symptoms do not require steroids.

You know why I didn't take any that day? Because I had taken 5mg for the hike. I kept thinking, 'but I took 5mg' like that made it okay. It didn't.

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  1. I thought about the feral monkeys for at least 5 minutes if t makes you feel better :) But then my brain got too muddled and I just stopped.


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