Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Leading Up to 5mg

So I'm writing the preamble to some hot vampire sex in my story (What? You thought I was the War and Peace type? Ha! Try it and see if it sells--pssst...it doesn't. Not unless there is beaucoup hot vampire sex) and I got an inquiry for some consulting on the business book I did.

I can feel my brain splitting into quadispheres trying to handle it all. This piece is family and housekeeping. Then there's writing. Then there's business/tutoring/all the other part-time gigs. Then there's the health piece.

When they collide, there's an explosion.

By the way, I am not actually certain that quadispheres is a word, but it sounds good, right?

So of course I'm tired. Blah blah blah--you know the story. Thinking of taking 5mg so I can get by without a nap because there is no time for that today.

It's 60F out today. I want to take the toddler for a bike ride and not be drunk with fatigue for my evening meeting for one of the part-time gigs as a result.

I want to be able to write more tonight without having to prop my eyes open with toothpicks.

I want to exercise without worrying about what it will cost me later.

Why is that so hard?


  1. Was the plan with your endo to stress dose for exercise, I can't remember? Are you always doing that or just seeing if you can get away with it?

    Sorry it's such a struggle

  2. Yes we had agreed I would stress dose for exercise, but I had hoped that I wouldn't need to do that given the improvements on the day-to-day energy level. However, it appears, as I return to exercise, that it is still a problem--including triggering pseudo cold symptoms.

    So I need to just stress dose so I don't lose days and days to fatigue after exercise like I've been.


  3. I'm trying to learn more about adrenal insufficiency. Because yours is secondary, what exactly does that mean (understand if you don't have time to explain!) Do you think your adrenals will ever come back to full function, or will you need to continue long-term on cortisone?


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