Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Steroids and Wii (with comments on comments)

I locked myself out of the house last night. Doh. Hubby and toddler were at Disney on Ice... the event that manages to add $10 per ticket in fees. Which is kind of why I didn't go. Too expensive for the three of us, even with the nose bleed seats.

So, after work, I went shopping. The toddler needed things like underwear and socks.(And OMG the swimsuits are out already, which means I have to buy them NOW before they go out of stock. So stupid. It's January people!) Plus, I finally got a new BP unit--that whole process has been a comedy of errors. At one point, Amazon gave me a $10 credit because they screwed up so badly. Without anything shipping or me even spending any money.

Then there's a whole story about my doctor's prescription for it and home health screw ups and my stupid insurance. Basically, the reason it took me 2? 3? months to get this thing is not my fault.

5mg yesterday was okay, but felt like an underdose. Slugged through most of the morning, finally perking up in the afternoon. My energy was good for coming home from work to sit on the couch last night. Not so good for killing two hours shopping. I became very, very tired and regressed to being fatigued enough to doze in the car.

On a whim, I took some sublingual B12 yesterday. Who knows what effect it had or didn't have, but I woke up much better today. (So far.) I'm going to stick with 5mg for a little bit longer. I do not see exercise in my future any time soon.

I did not have a crisis, but I had a brush with some kind of adrenal badassery. This is going to take a while. (And feeds my suspicion/fear that I will never be the same again.)

Thanks to Aviva for that list of useless Wii things. I agree with all of it except the Motion Plus accessory. You have to have it or you can't play the games that use it and it is standard on the Wii brand remotes--meaning it's now being incorporated into every game. I thought I was being so frugal buying an off brand kids' remote for $29 vs. the $40 Wii price, except it didn't come with Wii Motion Plus.

We spent an hour sniping at each other and the Wii trying to figure out why her remote wouldn't work with the one game we have. Nothing like technology problems to bring out the best in people! It didn't help that the game's messages to us were not upfront about what we needed.

"You need a remote to play this game."

No shit Sherlock! Look? See this remote here? The one I'm about to shove up your Sync button?

"You need a remote to play this game."

At that point, the hubby and I turned on each other, behaving a lot like feral monkeys who've eaten a case of Pixie Stixs.

Like I told the hubby, I would be interested in the 10th generation of this technology. Not loving the first/second generation so much. But I hear there are better games out there, such as the dance games. (And just say NO to dance shame. Dancing is cool. The only people who poo-poo it are the ones who can't dance!)

And thank you, Aviva for using the affiliate link. We don't make a lot, but it helps keep me in low carb necessities and vitamins.

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  1. The wii motion plus is now being incorporated into every wii remote. It should have been there from the beginning. An accelerometer just can't give the feedback needed.
    I hacked a wii motion plus with a tri wing screwdriver to make some sensors for a self balancing robot. Worked great.


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