Monday, January 16, 2012

Rambling, Rambling, Rambling

I have a lot to say about adrenal glands, but have not been able to sit down and gather my thoughts. I just completed two projects and have been consumed with getting them launched.

By the last project, the novella, averages 4 star reviews. I have been very blessed with happy readers (although at least one reviewer still has it out for me). However this has not translated into serious sales, which is interesting. I even did a free promotion and made it up to #10 on various best seller lists with several thousand copies distributed. That garnered me another 4 star review and that was it. Such a confounding business this writing stuff.

Oh wait, I'm off topic. I'm kind of all over the place today. Okay, my health... I am back to the same old, same old pattern. Exercise makes things worse. Even mild exercise. Without steroids I can be way more tired than I should be. Yet if I take steroids, even a low dose would probably be too much now as I'm not in the hole any more.

So, you know, trucking along. The usual 'having so much fun with fatigue sloths are jealous.'

Went to church yesterday and they sang a traditional hymn for once. We go to the 'contemporary praise' service because the timing is better for us. Normally they sing emo bipolar-off-their-meds songs about self loathing --All set to a danceable beat which makes it even creepier. I keep waiting for us to start cutting together.-- but yesterday they slipped in a traditional hymn.

I love hymns. They are deeply spiritual for me in a way that sermons never are. As a teen, I used to inexpertly bang them out on a piano for hours on end. I have missed them because I am not an Emo Goth for Christ. (If you are, boy, can I recommend a church service for you!)

Spirit of the Living God is so beautiful. Such a pure harmony. And, for whatever reason, no one else sang it yesterday except me and the lead band singer. Our voices blended really nicely to where the pastor requested 'one more time' and, inside the notes, there was a beauty of stillness, the way a bell tone hangs in the air. The notes washed through me with aching sweetness. It was a like a meditation.

So what I'm saying, is I like hymns and yesterday was a good day for that. Making today good for purple prose on the topic.

We also signed up for the chili cook off fundraiser, which is really the kind of thing I go to church for. That and Sunday School for the toddler.

Here's a typical scenario of how I volunteer when I don't know how I'll feel. First, I evaluated what I could do that would not lock me into a specific day or time. In this case, providing chili and dessert. Yes it has a deadline, but I can work ahead and take breaks during. Then, I asked the hubby to volunteer for grunt work on the day of, so, if I feel well enough, I can slip in too.

He wanted to volunteer anyway so it worked out well. I still remember Xmas 2010 when I had volunteered to work the Breakfast with Santa at the toddler's preschool, but was too ill to do so on the day of and had to send the hubby instead. That raised some eyebrows, so I think it's better to show up as a bonus extra helper than bow out at the last minute.

C'est tout.

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