Saturday, January 28, 2012

Speed Blogging

Good News: No one is puking and no one has lice.

Bad News: Preschool teacher was out with the pukes.

So we are still on puke watch, just for different reasons.

Good News: I did two elliptical workouts last week without the adrenal GI symptoms I'd been having.

Bad News: They completely ruined my day, wiping me out anyway.

And of course, the second I start feeling better I become very busy doing things because I can. And then, of course, I hit the wall and it sucks.

Today I hit the wall. Poor appetite, weakness and very tired, unable to wake up. So irritating and I am scheduled with something to do literally every minute of the day--I have five minutes before I have to leave for my next obligation.

So I took 5mg and it is helping.

The end.

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  1. Sorry you're back in steroid land but glad it's helping. Good for you on the exercise!!!


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