Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I took about 8 mg yesterday in a split dose. It was a miracle. Huge difference.

So today I will do just 5mg for the day and see how it goes. I woke up fatigued with some weakness, which was frustrating. Also, have been battling cold sores.

For the novelty of talking about something other than my sorry ass...We finally wrested the Wii away from my parents. For two years they've lived in denial. "We're gonna use it." "We're gonna work out." "You can't have it."

Finally, I prevailed in my efforts to take it over.

We got it home and assembled and found they hadn't even opened the one game they bought. For two years they never got past the demo games.

Gonna work out my ass.

You begin to see why I was so persistent with ' the Wii is mine' campaign, yes? It wasn't being used at all.

Anyway, the idea was to provide more stuff for the toddler to do dealing with hand-eye coordination and physical activity. We just didn't realize that even a free Wii is expensive.

Because my parents hadn't bought any accessories. Nothing.

And OMG that shit is expensive. What a scam. You buy a $300 gaming system that needs at least another $200 investment to reach full capability. What bullshit.

And the games are kind of stupid. Like the sword fight duel in Wii resort. Basically, you just hack your remote as fast as you can and that's it. The jet ski is over sensitive and impossible to steer. Archery is the best game in that you get the chance to really apply skill, but you pay $50 to shoot imaginary arrows!

But the toddler likes it and we'll rent some other games and see if that changes our minds. And see if it's worth buying more accessories--buying one extra remote was underwhelming. Soooo not impressed with the umpteen widgets necessary to use a Wii. Feels like a bait and switch. Like they sell an incomplete system on purpose.

We are not gamers. Can you tell?


  1. We have a Wii. I have never used it for anything other than Dance Dance Revolution (and that was a long time ago).

    I may feel sufficient guilt after reading your post to get my butt down to the Wii Room and get moving.

  2. I think the dance games might be some of the better ones. Also the kids' games too. Wii Resort is pretty lame for all that everyone gives it gushing 5 star reviews. We don't get it. Not our thing. But it was free.


  3. Heh. So timely! I am in the process of buying a Wii and games + accessories. (In fact, I used your Amazon affiliate link today that I hope worked properly. :)

    Anyways, while trying to figure out what I wanted/needed and where the best prices were, I came across this list on Amazon that you might appreciate:

    (I haven't hidden an affiliate link or anything in there!)

    I want it primarily for the wii fit plus, which I'm hoping will help me start out with micro amounts of exercise and see if I can work my way up to real workouts without flaring badly. But I also have a 7-year-old, so I like the idea of some of the family games we might be able to play, like bowling.

    My embarrassing admission is that I not only bought some of the dance games, but I ordered the ABBA one! I can only admit that here because, well, you can't see me blushing in embarrassment. But I loved the music when I was reintroduced to it in Mamma Mia, so I figure liking the music will encourage me to dance more/longer and therefore get more exercise. Right? :) I am SO hiding it when people come over though! :)

  4. Soooo happy you're feeling better :)))))))

  5. Aviva - there is no shame in dancing! (I say as I do it in my basement, with the door closed, in a windowless room).

    I bought DDR because I love 80s pop songs and figured they would keep me moving. Its as good a cardio workout as anything else I've tried...I just wish the songs were the originals.

  6. Penelope: :-) Yep, no shame in dancing as long no one ever sees me do it. ;-) I love 80s pop music too -- I might need to get DDR! That's the one with the mats and you have to do the same steps, right?


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