Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wii Tired

Mike stopped by and left a comment on the whole Wii Motion Plus thing...

The wii motion plus is now being incorporated into every wii remote. It should have been there from the beginning. An accelerometer just can't give the feedback needed.
I hacked a wii motion plus with a tri wing screwdriver to make some sensors for a self balancing robot. Worked great.

The second he started linking to a thing actually called a 'Nintendo Screwdriver' my brain began to melt.

However, I did want to say, I totally agree that it is incorporated into every Wii remote with one caveat: It's only the Nintendo brand products. If you buy an off brand, trying to save money, guess what? You may need to spend another $20 for the Motion Plus thing-y which is mostly out of stock due to a)Xmas and b)everyone else knows you just buy the brand name remote so demand is kind of low.

Although I think I still saved $10. It only took me three internet searches, thirty minutes of swearing in confusion at the Wii when it wouldn't let our off brand remote play the game without the Motion Plus attachment, and two trips to the store once we got a clue to do so.

Totally your call on whether or not all that was worth it to save $10.

The toddler is not sleeping anymore. So I am a little punch drunk. Exhibit A: I was talking about finding shrunken heads in a linen closet (true story) while working at an elementary school today.

To adults. Not kids. I bet the kids would've loved it though.

Anyway, she's going through a growth and development spurt. She grew a 1/4" this week for a total of 2" in two months and I overheard her working out rudimentary subtraction. Five, take away one is, 1,2,3, FOUR! Four take away one is 1,2 THREE!

So, she's amazing and I feel like shit.

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