Thursday, January 5, 2012

Zumba Nevermore

Got up this morning and hauled my very uninterested ass to Zumba only to find that the program has been cancelled. Forever.

This was a complication as I had already taken 5mg in anticipation of a hard work out. Now I had to make something up on my own and, for once, I was not feeling inspired.

To make things more fun, the toddler has been in a snit ever since she realized she wasn't going to jump on a bunch of inflatables at the Zumba place. The hubby is still home sick and expects to be accommodated.

"Try being me," I said.

It took him a moment, but he got a clue.

So I jumped around in the dining room, dodging a screaming toddler and a sick husband who decided he would compensate for his recent sense of entitlement by cleaning right where I was exercising.


It's going to be a day. Everyone got off on the wrong foot.

Yesterday went really well. For the majority of the afternoon, my energy was in perfect balance (you don't know what that feels like unless you've been living without it). I could have done anything I wanted. Worked. Cleaned. Cooked. Even all three. I actually focused on putting the finishing touches on my next project.

Later that night, I did hit the wall, but it was soft hit. I was walking to the kitchen and my arms just got very heavy and fatigue dragged on my legs. The day had gone so well, I was taken by surprise.

And that's the Zumba/adrenal report for today.


  1. That is THE WORST when you show up and the class is cancelled. ARGH

  2. hi, I don't have adrenal issues (or I don't think I do? Actually no one really knows what I have...) but I've been enjoying your no-nonsense, call-it-like-it-is, zero-sugar-coating blog! I'm glad you had a good energy day, despite the crash at the end. I hope you continue getting good energy days!


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