Monday, February 20, 2012

I Lived!

I'm better. Sick for most of the weekend. It must be food poisoning because no one else is sick. I thought for sure this was IT though as the preschool has been working through the stomach flu in slow motion.

For about month someone has been out with the pukes or sitting in the hallway with a trash can waiting for their parents to pick them up. So we were kind of due for a demonic GI possession.

Anyway, the cool thing was I was able to exercise Sunday even though I was still symptomatic that morning. It's really amazing to have the ability to 'bounce' to not crash and burn with every little thing.

Also, by the way, we never got lice, but guess what? Once you start looking for nits, you never stop. Wow. The paranoia. Huge.


  1. I'm more itchy than usual just thinking about it, lol. I am SO happy about the exercise, YAHOO. Did you take steroids for the puking. If not YAHOOOOOo or either way SO glad you survived. SCARY stuff.

  2. I'm happy to hear you're doing better. It's scary when you get something that intense on top of a chronic illness.


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