Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just Take Steroids

I have a lot to do, which means here I am procrastinating online.

First, so I do not forget and so you can remind me I said this, the reason I take 5mg on the days I exercise is so I don't feel like roadkill later. Did two work outs yesterday. One jumping around making things up and then a Zumba Wii work out.

Today, busy as all get out: work, baby shower, dinner party and I'm okay. Because of the 5mg.

Duh. When will I get this?

So....Consulting went okay. Client informed me the day before they weren't in the same country, which, you know, would have been nice to know before I spent three days putting things together assuming they were from the country on their gmail account. It matters. A lot.

Then we did the baby shower, which I enjoyed because people were interested in what I had to say regarding various'the business of writing' related things. It is not often anyone gives a shit and, for some reason, I had a very interested audience.

Hmmm, now that I think about it, maybe they were frustrated writers?

But hey, people wanted to hear about me and what I thought and they were suitably impressed. I felt important! At a baby shower.

Also, it's kind of comical to watch parents-to-be unwrap presents with absolutely no clue about what is to come. Oh, they laugh at that butt paste stuff now, but wait until it fails to cure the diaper rash from hell.

And their confusion over hangers as baby shower gifts. They have no idea there are never enough hangers. Ever. The gift of hangers always come from experienced parents who've been hanging their kid's baptism outfit with a potato chip clip and some pipe cleaners...for the last five years.

Your first baby, you think you need everything. We were the same way. I bought all these changing pad covers and then ended up using just bath towels folded in half--they were much easier. Should have registered for some nice towels instead which would have lasted years, but noooo, had to have the useless changing pad covers that ended up in the land fill.

I had no idea about hangers either.

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  1. Sounds like a fun start to the weekend. I hope it stayed good!

    I'm curious how you time the dose with the exercise, and was it plain old trial and error or did you have anything (other than your body's response hours later) to guide you?

    Laughed about the babyshower thing. I don't have kids and have never done child care of any kind (sibs and I are packed in so close when we were little, we were all little together). So I have no idea what's *actually* useful vs. what looks cute, useful, etc. Sounds like someone like me should maybe just buy gift cards.


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