Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not Bad, But Could've Been Better

Today was a low energy day. Did Zumba yesterday and then climbed 130 stairs despite my knee's loud, clicking protests. (By the way, the knee is my other souvenir from that asthma hospitalization. I guess it was a two-for-one deal. Messed up adrenals and a bum knee due to deconditioning.)

Exercise resulted in a wave of adrenal fatigue and weakness. Again, nowhere near strong enough to take me out or necessitate steroids, but I was annoyed.

It didn't help that I got up at 6:30 am and started writing. Hubby's morning toilette woke me up and I couldn't go back to sleep so...I wrote. I was awake and pretty alert on only 6 hours of sleep, which is kind of new. There were delusions of doing that everyday, but the Zumba induced fatigue squashed that fantasy. Maybe in a couple more months.

So the day went. I was kind of run down from the adrenals and the early start, but I did a lot anyway. Went to a movie by myself at night. Hubby bugs me about 'getting out of the house' when I whine about never getting a break from being the primary caregiver. I've been telling him for two years now, that I don't have the energy to go out. If I did, I would.

As for today, I'm tired out. Normally I would exercise again today, but instead I am taking it easy. Again, nowhere near the intensity it's been, it's just that the malingering Groundhog's Day nature of this adrenal crap is wearing thin.

Other changes...

My body is hosting a Welcome Home party for the PCOS which is raging at full strength. Acne everywhere. Weird ass PCOS hair. Bloating. Sugar cravings. It's very obvious to me that I've had ongoing never-ending adrenal issues even if I and everyone else thought I was 'cured.' The adrenals clearly dominated over the PCOS.

The PCOS kind of ruins my adrenal recovery victory lap.

The adrenal stuff was also pushing my BP down. Now it's creeping up and I'm going to need adjustment in the BP meds. So, basically, if a patient is hypertensive and then goes through adrenal insufficiency, their BP is depressed, but it may not go low enough to meet clinical definitions of adrenal insufficiency due to underlying hypertension.

Also adrenals do not stop white coat, this is something that multiple adrenal patients have experienced. Yet the medical community continues to deny this is possible.

I get that there's a physiological basis for that denial, but we need to go back to the drawing board on that one. It's the same with the idea that a crisis can't have high blood pressure. I can find multiple patients with better blood work than mine who prove these conventions wrong. There are HUGE gaps in the science here for adrenal issues. HUGE and no one, except the patients, cares.

On the writing front, I have written 13k word this week and should top out at 15 to 16k. With last week's 10k, that's two short stories, one novella in progress and a novelette (which is almost a novella). They still need to be edited, pretty heavily in fact, but I've been very productive over all.

I have also discovered the train wreck that is Dance Moms. Watching it makes me glad my kid is going to be 6 feet tall and stocky, I could not handle it and neither could she. However, we have signed her up for formal dance classes at a studio with a competition team. Fortunately, the four-year-old class is not on anyone's radar. Also, she can't plie or ball change for love or money. I'm okay with that.

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  1. Happy for the good things. Annoyed at the bad ones! Especially PCOS

    LOVE that you've checked out dance moms.


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