Saturday, February 18, 2012

Of Battles and Wars

I think one of the worst ways for the stomach flu to arrive must be in the midst of cooking a huge batch of chili for the church chili competition.

Especially if you went to bed, all drowsy and ready for the Land of Nod, only to jerk upright with "I forgot to make the chili." Commence the midnight cooking session, pepper it with yawns of resentment.

I felt fine. It really hit me out of the blue. The only possible hint that I was sick was wicked heartburn that was resistant to medication the last two days.

So there I was dumping everything in the crock pot and the food didn't smell so good and then...well you can imagine, right?

Once again, I'm the only one sick, but I do think this one is an actual bug and might spread. We'll see.

It played very adrenal. Lots of adrenal pain, huge wave of weakness, breathlessness, shaking and that horrid stomach pain along with that even worse feeling that something was really wrong. I fought and fought and fought not to throw up because that probably would have pushed my system over the edge.

I prevailed in controlling my stomach and the adrenal stuff receded a couple hours later--there goes that resiliency I've been missing for almost two years. I am still sick, the stomach flu told me "ve have our vays, you vill pay" and that threat turned out to be true.

I am still adrenal as well, mostly with weakness, but nothing compared to what it would've been in the past. So a victory of sorts.

Now just to win the war on dehydration.

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  1. Oh horrors! Evil stomach flu. I hope you recover quickly.


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