Tuesday, April 3, 2012

And Then She Exercised

My work out yesterday consisted of 15 minutes of windmilling my arms and doing a few squats, followed by a slow walk with the toddler and our geriatric black lab.

7/10ths of a mile.

Nothing egregious.

I'm tanked today. Just wiped.

Although it was just a crazy busy day--very high impact on the stress meter, so that may have compounded things.

For recordkeeping purposes:

-Lots of cramps in my feet, hands and stomach overnight.
-Up peeing 4 times during the night (this is something that manifests with adrenal insufficiency. I haven't really mentioned it here, but it's pretty consistent and improves when I feel less adrenal.)
-Burning adrenal pain that woke me up multiple times over the course of the night.
-Lethargic limbs, weakness.

I was reading back over the archives and I would have to say I really haven't had as much progress as I thought. There was that stomach flu and the times where I had some 'bounce' to my system, but it appears my bounce has bounced away.

As an experiment I might try 2.5mg, just to see. That should be low enough that if it tips me over into hypercortisolism it won't be too bad.

I keep hoping tomorrow will be better, I keep trying to believe that today was better than yesterday, but I think it might be time to admit things are not going as well as my capacity for denial likes to pretend.

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  1. About those cramps - check your electrolytes. My pred use permanently screwed with my potassiun level, and once I was put on prescription potassium, some of my cramping related issues went away - along with the heart palps that were also prolly potassium deficiency related.

    Just my two tenths of a cent worth.


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