Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No Dance for Me

I became rather sick yesterday after I hit publish on the last post. Once again, I managed not to throw-up, although it occurs to me that piece of luck won't last forever. My body hit the eject button, but I just refused to cooperate and somehow won. I was sick in other ways though, so not a total win.

I took 10mg. Not sure if it was enough, but I went right to bed and about six hours later, I was okay to watch the last two episodes of Game of Thrones.

So long as I sat, I was fine. The second I moved, an aching weariness pressed against me like a wet blanket.

Main symptoms were profound fatigue and GI upset. A little bit of flank/back pain. Did not check BP, but would suspect it went from low to high, influenced by the adrenaline surge of my body wanting to throw up.

No clue how today will go, but I took 5 mg and I will avoid Maroon 5.

ETA: Ended up with 10mg as 5 was not enough.


  1. Oh NOOOOooo. That totaly sucks. I am so sorry. Glad you fought off the dreaded vomit. Hope today is better.

  2. I am still trying to taper down to a lower dose. I went from 27.5 mg and am now taking 20mg, although today I felt so ill I took an extra five. UGH.


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