Thursday, July 19, 2012


Man, am I tired today. Got hit with a wannabe cold that resolved nicely with vitamins last night, but the weakness was yucko and put me in bed. Today I'm still low on energy. Probably all fallout from the stomach whatsis.

Tomorrow we have nothing to do, nowhere to go and it seems the toddler is just as excited about that as I am.

I broke up with the mother's group. The ones I thought would care, cared and the ones I thought wouldn't, didn't. To my surprise, when I posted my 'au revoir' on the group, several other members added they were going too. The ones that cared.

I'm pretty sure they have no idea what my context is. I haven't said anything. I did give the moms I liked a heads up that I was leaving, but didn't go into detail. However, the group hasn't been very functional for over a year. They haven't been able to attract or retain new members and membership has dwindled down to seven families. I suspect that is driving the decision for the other moms.

The writing is on the wall for the group. I will be surprised if they survive now that they've lost 40% of their membership.

Now all that's left is to defriend.

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  1. Sounds like a bad scene. I'm glad you're getting out.


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