Monday, July 2, 2012

State of the Pajamas

This summer has been busier than I anticipated. First the toddler has summer camp. The second we got our tax refund, I signed her up. Then I got sick. Then I started this alternative medicine thing, which is like a serious hobby in terms of time commitment.

I have very distinct memories of being four and know who I was. I was self-contained. I played independently--every day. I was quiet (which is a good quality for a minister's kid because you have to sit through all those sermons and behave). Once I could read, I just took a book with me everywhere my parents dragged me. Books kept me entertained in a facsimile of exceptional behavior, allowing my parents to look amazing as opposed to merely lucky.

Enter my daughter, who is a social butterfly. She can't play independently. And she whines like a tornado siren with a broken 'off' button.

It's not that I expected her to be exactly like me, more that I thought she'd be at least a little like me. Or perhaps easy going like her Dad.

But no, not happening. The cognitive dissonance between what I know about four and how she is four is one of my biggest challenges as a parent--I'm in one lane, she's levitating on the Jetsons' superhighway.

She is who she is, my problem is I don't know this personality type well. So I keep her busy busy busy.

All summer I've been getting up early to either take her to summer camp or go to the clinic or both on the same day. Being so ill in May, of course, made it extra hard. I just need (needed?) a lot more rest than I did before bronchitis hit--although that is slowly improving.

This past week, I really felt the need to slow down, but we just had something every day and were even double-booked in spots. Sunday was going to be my lazy day, but my friend took me out to see Magic Mike (hubba hubba). As much as I appreciate having the energy to do everything, I just want to set all the balls down and take a short break. Catch my breath. Smell the roses.

I'm supposed to be somewhere today, but I canceled in favor of lolling in bed, snuggling with my daughter. Plans consist of an elliptical work out, baking almond flour cookies and generally puttering my ass off.

It's official. Today's a pajama day.

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