Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Energy Report

Yesterday, energy was good. Geared up for a walk, but abruptly pooped out before I could put on my shoes. Other than that, felt like my usual self for the better part of the day.

Today, energy was not so good. In and out most of the day. Sucked it up as best I could.

We took the toddler blackberry picking after her Tae Kwon Do class this morning. The hubby knows where they grow wild (and organic).

I am a lousy berry picker. At least when the bug population outnumbers me a billion to one. The hubby found all my shrieking to be quite entertaining.

However, he didn't see how the grasshoppers were trying to corner me. That was not funny. So not funny.

I am not a bug person.

Then how did I spend three months in the rain forests of Central America?

By visiting during the 'winter' season when the bugs are less prolific. Today, I couldn't take a single step without something flying up out of the grass at my face. For comparison, that did not happen once the entire time I was in the rain forest*. And we only picked berries for an hour.

So, to recap, I'm tired, as usual. I scream when I see bugs and we picked some blackberries. And I hope to end the day with a walk.

Over and out.

*Okay yes, fire ants swarmed my shoes, but that was my fault. If I hadn't stood on the anthill, they wouldn't have bothered me. First rule of the rainforest, don't touch anything without looking to see what's there. Don't sit. Don't stand. Don't stretch your arms overhead. Don't play Marco Polo in the bush. Look first, identify in guidebook, then touch.

Otherwise you might put your hand in the middle of a baby pit viper's coils.

Not that I would know everything anything about that.

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