Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Can Smell Them Coming

The hubby says our guest always smokes outside, even when at home. The habit of a 'clean' smoker. Typically 'clean' smokers aren't so hard on my system and I was hopeful...for a second.

The thing is I can smell them from thirty feet away. It's like they are steeped in second hand smoke. Smokes outside my ass.

It's a smoker's menage-a-trois over here. I've got first hand, second hand and third hand smoke all competing for the title of Most Irritating to My Lungs.

Fortunately, the cold is done with me and, aside from a few hacking episodes, I've been okay.

However, my guest arrived not only with a carton of cigarettes, but also a nasty cold.

From another continent.

Meaning it's probably not a germ my system has seen before.

I'm now flashing back to Paris 2006 where I caught a bug and spent a lot of time lingering in ERs on the brink of hospitalization.

But, hey, I could always get lucky, right?


I really like progesterone. If it's not the answer, it's going to be a significant improvement. At least once we're done tweaking the dose. The regimen is not quite finalized yet and I'm waiting somewhat impatiently for a doctor's appointment to sort out the best dose and schedule for me.

I also wonder if you can develop Exogenous Cushings from too much progesterone? Can it tip me into cortisol excess or does the body have a mechanism by which it ignores extra progesterone? I just want to be sure the progesterone can't cause problems. There's a ton of progesterone involved in pregnancy and that doesn't lead to too much cortisol as far as my limited knowledge knows.

Random factoid for you...I had a Meyer's Cocktail today and there's a book on cancer treatment in the alternative doctor's IV clinic. It's from the 50s and one of the treatments was to juice raw calf liver with carrots and drink.

Yeah, I suspect not many patients got better drinking that.

And yes I do kind of wonder at a doctor who would pimp that out as reading material for their patients. Especially considering they're vegan!

Even worse than the raw calf liver was the 'cancer diet' with a ton of simple carbs. I guess they didn't know that sugar fed cancer back in the day.

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  1. Any way of getting rid of the smoker or forcing them to quit? So bad for you and doesn't seem fair that you'd have to endure it.


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