Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vacation Schmacation

My daughter is loving vacation. She lost her first tooth this week! At four! Now no one will believe me when I say she's not six. She's swimming and playing 'mermaid' and diving for rocks in the water like she's eight.

The hubby is loving vacation. Throwing the toddler up in the air. Building sand castles. Riding bikes. Helping the toddler curate her burgeoning rock collection.

Me? I wish I had stayed home.

I like schedule and routine and I had a good, productive groove going. Now it's been ripped up by the roots and set on fire.

Plus I've had some kind of cold the last few days. I'm finally feeling better but I really miss my bed at home.

Can you tell I'm a homebody?

I mean, I like to travel and all, but this is our fourth visit to the same (small) place and my (large)extended family is here which is always stressful. I'm ready for something different. I would be okay if we missed a year of this vacation.

I'm glad that we'll be on our way home tomorrow. There I know how much I can do, whereas here I make myself sick. I want to be where I know the rules of the game.

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