Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nothing Wrong Over Here, Just Ignore My Twitchy Google Finger

The hubby is one to suppress or deny attention to problems.

Everything is fine.

I'm the same way, but, unlike the hubby, reality eventually beats its way into my head to where I can't ignore it any longer.

Also, I am insatiably curious. You have no idea half the crap I research on a given day. I am full of questions and I love me some good answers.

I sat on my hands for a while with regards to the toddler and whatever is ailing her. That didn't last long. First, I needed to know what to expect from the specialist.

Second, the internet is like a Magic Eight Ball. When you're scared and worried and don't know what will happen next, Google is there always ready to take a stab at an answer.

For the first reason, I'm glad I started researching and talking to other special needs parents. Otherwise I would have been woefully unprepared for the specialist. I need the toddler's milestones which is not something I have memorized (thanks to sleep deprivation). Nor would it have occurred to me to bring that kind of info with us next week.

The second reason is bad news. We don't know what is wrong. It could absolutely be nothing. Or it could be terminal. The thing is, the internet search results in front of us are pretty awful. There's no gray area in terms of diagnosis. Nothing like asthma, where you take your meds and are fine. No. It's either she's fine or she could have a spectrum of horrible diseases known as 'every parent's nightmare.'

I just keep focusing on two things; Magic Eight Balls don't know shit and the toddler was early to advanced on all her milestones. Hell, she has even started recognizing words and understands the concepts of phonics. So how could anything at all be wrong?

It can't.

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  1. Sending good energy from our house to yours. I think between Google searches and RX information packets, we could all crap ourselves out of fright. LOL

    Great post.


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