Saturday, September 25, 2010


1. I did not get sick. Point 1 for my immune system. Hopefully I did not just jinx myself by writing this out.

2.Groceries are too expensive. Healthy eating is way too expensive. Too bad I can't subsist on Ramen.

3.The adrenals are...touchy. I was okay until I went to the grocery store last night. Something about spending 1.5 hours under industrial lighting does not hit me right. That special leaden feeling hit my body and I had some stomach/back pain with nausea and a headache. Actually, I've been having back pain consistently and the headache started when I dropped down to 2.5mg. It's frustrating and keeps me up at night.

4.I am exercising but not every day and not anywhere near the intensity I was. So preserving some of my fitness but not progressing, which is the best I can do. I am both too busy and too tired to do it daily right now.

5.Plus I need a nap every day. I'm torn as to whether I should give it up or take the rest under the theory it will help my body get its sh*t together.

6. The toddler's PT is going well. She graduated to every other week. I'm finally seeing some progress at home. The therapists "love her personality" and gush about her every time we see them.

7.However, the toddler can't run for sh*t. She is a few weeks away from 3 and still runs like a 16 month old.

I took her to a preschool sports class. There were 3 of them, all girls, all within 4 to 6 months of each other in terms of age, all about the same height (very unusual since the toddler is so tall). One is a gifted athlete and is going to get college scholarships--you can see it already. Apparently NFL trainers have seen this kid and said much of the same (at least according to mom who has some NFL pro neighbors). The other was more typical of her age and then there was the toddler.

She can't run. Her gait is really weird, she has no stride. Hopefully this is transient, but I am having gut sinking flashbacks to my school years when I was the last to be picked for any team. You would never know the toddler's father was ranked 3rd in his country for wrestling and is a gifted athlete himself. If she didn't look like him, I would swear the IVF clinic managed an immaculate conception with just my deficient DNA.

I will ask the PTs about it as I'm not sure if they've watched her run yet.

But she didn't fall or notice that she wasn't keeping up. She LOVED it. She was running and screaming "Look at me mommy" and when she scored a soccer goal she bowed to spectator applause. She was totally cracking everyone up.

Thank God she's too young for these activities to be exercises in public humiliation like they were for me. Hopefully we'll work her through the worst of it before kindergarten.

7. Got my new medic id. It's a silver bracelet. Surprisingly, I like it. The medic id consistently rests beneath my wrist which makes it less visible. So I'm on the down low, which is where I want to be. :)

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  1. I can rarely do big time grocery shopping, and I never go alone. I get so tired and weak that I sometimes have had to go to the front of the store and sit down. I also can get easily confused with all the noise. I need to take a nap everyday. For hours. But, I don't have a toddler. I don't know how you do it. Exercise? What is that?


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