Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Want Summer Back

I feel better. I am weaning very very slowly. So slowly, I sometimes think this must all be in my head because how could 1mg of prednisone make a difference either way?

But it seems to.

Or, at least, I'm not interested in finding out the truth of the matter.

I started at 3mg and am now down to 2.5mg. Next stop 1mg and then some alternate day stuff. Crossing fingers and performing voodoo rituals so I will stay healthy and not have any cause to take prednisone for quite some time after this latest wean.

So the lazy days of summer have faded into Fall. Toddler is in preschool and physical therapy. I am working freelance projects and suddenly have more students to tutor than I can handle.

Somehow I need to create a master schedule that

-gets everyone where they need to be
-feeds people
-allows me time to work
-and exercise
-and clean
-and have QT time with my family

Have I mentioned that a mentally ill relative is moving in later this week? For an extended stay? And by mentally ill, I mean someone who can't be left alone with the toddler.

Yeah. Gonna be FUN over here.

I figure if I go straight through from 7am to midnight I might be able to do it all. So long as I never need a nap or want to catch an episode of Glee and don't want more than 6 hours of sleep a night.

Also known as, burning the candle at both ends. Which did not turn out so well for me in August.

This ought to be interesting.

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