Friday, September 3, 2010

Ice Cream with a Side of Lube

Saw the endo today.

Lost 5 more lbs of what, I assume, is the rest of my vacation weight. So 11 lbs lost since the end of May.

3.33 lbs per month.

Kinda slow.

But still 5lbs down.

Aaaaand after liberal application of lube for the ultrasound, no growth on the thyroid nodules!!!!

When I got home (after a 5 hour office visit) I celebrated with Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

And promptly got food poisoning. Actually, maybe not food poisoning so much as the pill does weird things to my gut and makes me sick every once in a while. I have zero digestive problems off the pill, but on it is another story entirely.

But damnit I am not throwing up B&J.

And I didn't.

Endo ordered some blood work to check the thyroid and some other stuff that I lost track of. We are not testing the adrenals because there's no point--I'm a little foggy on the logic of this--but essentially I'm going to get sick with preschool germs and end up on steroids anyway and we can't test if I keep taking steroids so why bother? I think I have that right in which case I'm a little confused about the whole thing. I mean, I sort of get it, but how/when do we try to figure out if I have a permanent adrenal thing going?

Anyway, I kind of like my endo but I'm still not sure they're the right doc for me. I feel that they listen really well. Even if they aren't responding to everything I'm bringing up, I feel like I'm heard. They are very respectful and took time to show me today's ultrasound in detail complete with thyroid model, but aren't always answering my questions. I'm not sure if my questions are getting lost in the flow of the appointment or if I'm just being side-stepped.

I was also really tired today, so maybe I was speaking in tongues.

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