Thursday, September 2, 2010


I am so confused by all this thyroid stuff.

So, with Hashimoto's, like what do I do? Endlessly cycle through hypo and hyper until the thyroid dies and then take medication?

But how often/frequent is hypo/hyper cycling?

What are the long term health effects of that process?

I think I just went through a hypo cycle. If that is even possible.

My hair was falling out. Still is actually.

Pretty awful muscle pain, akin to arthritis and all over my body for no known reason.

My blood pressure was spiking for no known reason.

The blood pressure is the sticking point for me. It can't be good for me to go high and then drop low. Even if the high pressure is temporary, it's not benign. So do I take bp meds preemptively? Then how do I handle the unnatural lows?

There's just not a lot of info on Hashimoto's because the prevailing medical wisdom treats it as a non-issue until the thyroid is in bad enough shape to need meds. I don't think it's as simple as that. Heck I know it's not as simple as that. Little details matter and if I have an active autoimmune issue, there's no way that's benign.

It's like saying because my asthma is controlled on asthma meds, I don't have asthma (I have met docs who think like that too). Just because I don't meet arbitrary criteria for needing thyroid meds, doesn't mean things are great.

I'm just not convinced medicine has all this thyroid stuff figured out.

I am aware of the studies showing that patients who take meds before the thyroid is decimated do better and I believe that is the direction the standard of care will eventually go. Until then, I'm s.o.l.

I think I may be coming out of the hypo cycle or, if it's the adrenals, they are coming back. I still need a nap every day, but I feel better otherwise and am able to do about 80% of what needs doing.

For example, today I will clean the house but not exercise. I'm just short on energy to 'do it all.'

My goal right now is to ask the endo for some bloodwork and to clarify some questions on the adrenals.

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