Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh, Yeah, Forgot About That

For as much as I have moaned about the preschool germies, it's hard to believe I forgot we've got an active bug in our family.

Because I continue to resist the germs. While I flirt with sore throats and congestion here and there, I have yet to actually get sick sick. (By comparison, the hubby is sick enough to be considering missing work, the toddler just has boogies and nothing else.)

But this may explain my last crash. Which is kind of a relief. I do not like the thought of my adrenals pooping out spontaneously for no good reason. That was really scary to contemplate.

Recovery continues to be slow but today was better than yesterday. I'm really fighting the bug now (i.e. the sore throats just started in the last day or two) so that is not helping things at all.

I would like to feel well enough to do some squats in order to preserve muscle mass. Also, would like to be up for socializing. I'm sure all the preschool parents think I'm some sort of Death Metal Goth in Soccer Mom disguise as I've just been huddling in a corner waiting for preschool to be over.

See, the school keeps us locked in a 'fellowship hall' for the first three weeks for enforced adult socialization. So this is the time to network with the other parents, but I just do not have it in me. I know I'm not going to pass out, but I still feel like I'm going to, if that makes any sense and I'm just holding on, just grateful that I'm able to get the toddler to preschool on time.

Also, I am finding the babies especially painful right now. Younger siblings that I will never be able to have. It's just hard to watch. To know I will never be like those other moms. One in preschool, another at the breast.

Hey, I know I got lucky.

Unfortunately luck just enables greed.

Probably I should slink away to my minivan and hide.

Anyway, tomorrow, if the trend continues, will be a better day. Maybe I'll actually talk to someone. One mom has been yapping at me about some fundraiser or another for the last two days, maybe I'll do more than just faintly grimace at her.

In other news, I am experimenting with sugar free gluten free raspberry lemon muffins. They taste good, but look like gray poop. Good thing raspberry season lasts until Halloween here, I have time to get it right.

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