Monday, September 27, 2010

Riding the See Saw so Hard My Butt is Broken

The hubby does most of the serious cleaning. The kind that requires heavy duty chemicals. For years he did the dusting too, because it was a major asthma trigger.

Good thing the hubby is a little OCD about being neat. He likes cleaning. It fulfills him.

(But he's not very good at it, which is funny. Although we are never telling him this, okay? For instance, he dusted yesterday, I inspected --being a little anal about relatives visiting, otherwise I would SO not care--and found lots of missed spots, which he vigorously denied were dusty. We actually had a discussion about what constituted dusty. Ha. Cleaning is funny at our house. Or, at least it amuses me.)

There are a few cleaners I'm okay with. Or I used to be okay with. I found out yesterday they are now no-nos. Huge no-nos.


Swiffer wet pads.

Both are on the list of chemicals that will now give me an 8 hour asthma attack.

At least judging by yesterday's performance.

Not a fun day.

The adrenals bottomed out from all the cleaning and asthma.

Add in several days of less-than-stellar sleep due to the toddler and...

More prednisone for me.

I start working tonight. With twitchy lungs and sucky adrenals.

I thought I was going to exercise today. Guess not.

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  1. My Hubby wouldn't know to clean if I asked him to. You are lucky. Yep, cleaning is a vigorous workout. Please take it easy.


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