Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Still Amazed

I can't believe how much better I feel since starting prednisone. It is really startling.

I am soooooooo much more active now. It's like the Red Bull commercial, I finally have my wings.

It's hard for me to be bummed about needing the prednisone when I feel this good and can do everything I want to. I keep having to remind myself this is not a good sign, but I kind of don't care--I'm too busy living my life.

Another amazing thing?

I have lost 30lbs eating fudge chocolate muffins.

Yeah, sugar free and gluten free, but very very yummy. People not trying to lose weight like 'em too. I have actually had to hide them from my hubby, various house guests, my father and my brothers.

Of course, the exercise and cutting out carbs helped too, but what made the weight loss process livable? Ooey goey chocolate fudge goodness.

Now to lose the next 20+ lbs and then I'll have to decide how much more I want to lose after that. In my 20s I was 5'10" and managed to get down to 150 but that was horrifically difficult to maintain (1000 calories a day, 9 grams of fat--per product labels-- and 8 hours of cardio a week--I was hungry). I don't know where I want to settle now. Something more than 150 for sure. I'm not all that vain. My hawt years are over and even when I'm skinny I'm a big girl (I never got to single digit sizes, for example).

Which is all to say, I'm not really sure what my goal weight is any more. So that is something I will be pondering the next few months. Also, weight loss maintenance which is a whole new project.

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  1. All right, where'd you get the muffins? Either pass the link or the recipe or both!

    Good luck maintaining the weight loss momentum on the prednisone.


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