Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vitamin P

Started prednisone today and finally began to feel better. Only did 5mg which, I assume, is why I don't have a 100% improvement. Based on past experience, tomorrow's dose should have me back to normal. (Note to Self: Next time just take 10mg and be done with it.)

Turns out I actually had some kind of bug or food poisoning or my adrenals were fizzing out, either way something was going on and it was hitting me very hard.

I think it was probably my adrenals because it was way intense, too intense for a bug.

I just don't seem to be able to handle stress, good or bad. My vacation, I think, probably screwed me up to begin with (lack of sleep, lots of go-go-go, non-stop physical activity), that's when I started to struggle. Then things started really crashing last week.

So vitamin P it is.

Amazing how much better I feel in such a short period of time. From barely being able to keep my eyes open to going to an ethnic festival and polkaing my heart out.

Oh, and doing a 20 minute squat work out and walking 1.5 miles.

Really incredible how fast Prednisone works.

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  1. Wow. I can relate to so many things you have written about in your blog. I only wish that there was something I could take that would make me feel better. I feel better already knowing that I'm not alone in this whole feeling lousy thing.


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