Thursday, October 21, 2010

Answering a Reader Question RE: Hashimoto's

Here's a comment to one of my posts asking me some questions about Hashimoto's.

"Have you read What are your impressions of the site. I would think that is an excellent site. Your supplements etc are totally different from their recommendations. It would be nice to know your impressions on that site. My brother has very recently discovered to have Hashimoto's. The advice on there website seemed quite good.
thanks "

And my answer....

1. My supplements are almost all geared toward dealing with insulin resistance and my cholesterol issues. They have nothing to do with Hashimoto's. My Hashimoto's is in the early stages and is on the very bottom of my triage list. I'm focusing very much on the adrenals and weight loss right now.

Although, your question did remind me of an omission. I do eat my toddler's gummi vitamins to get some iodine in my body. However, iodine is a tricky subject when it comes to Hashimoto's, it can hurt or help depending on the patient. I opted for it because I'm likely deficient.

So, please do not copy my vitamin regimen if you have Hashimoto's. It's not going to do much for you in that regard.

2.I like the Stop the Thyroid Madness site. I don't agree with every single thing over there, but it is a great place to start and there's a lot to learn over there.

I would also suggest looking into Mary Shomon's books and website too. She has a ton of articles on as well.

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  1. Hello there, Pissed Off Patient! What a great site you have. :) Just found it/you while searching for Hashimoto's. I am a Holistic Health Counselor who works with thyroid patients, specifically those with Hashimoto's. I was once a Hashimoto's patient myself, but healed it naturally by addressing the underlying causes. I now teach and guide other people to do the same. Would love to chat more with you about what you're going through!


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