Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From Good to Better with Hope of Pumpkin Festivals

Last night?

ZERO asthma.



Did the toddler sleep through the night?


Boo hiss!

I could really use some good, restorative sleep.

I did exercise though. I hate not exercising, it has been hard to just sit around and not do much other than feel like my fat was getting fatter. So my thought was to exercise until I taper, then do nothing for about 48 hours until I'm sure my body has adjusted. Then exercise, lightly, until the next taper. Rinse and repeat.

Sounds like a plan to me.

In other good news, this Saturday is looking super gorgeous and the pumpkin patch is still going strong. Since the hubby and toddler got rained out the last time and I was too sick to go, it looks like we are getting a second chance at my favorite Fall activity.

This week is looking very happy. I could get used to this.

I am wracking my brain trying to find a way to do the mummy thing I mentioned yesterday too. There has to be a way. We'll see how I feel with the taper down to 4mg.

OH! And I finally bought a scale and I have lost another 5lbs. How I don't know because there's been zero exercise and I've been eating more--I have prednisone appetite and there was a lot of cake over the weekend. Total carb binge so I know I'm retaining a buttload of water.

On the one hand, I've felt really negative about my weight especially with the lack of exercise. On the other, I noticed my bracelet was just hanging on my wrist and my ring had become capable of just slipping off. So the scale helped me sort all that out and shut down some of the self-abuse.

I'm now back to low carbing and hopefully I'll drop another 20 lbs asap. At that point, I'll be in the home stretch to the current goal weight.

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