Sunday, October 10, 2010

Groggy Menage A Trois

A carb hangover compounded by relentless nocturnal asthma, that has been going strong for just shy of a week, is a good way to impair your mental faculties.

Just in case anyone out there wants to be stupider.

I am now stupider.

So, you know, it works.

I now sleep with my inhaler and the hubby. The inhaler gets a lot more action.


I continue to be borderline sick. Not sick enough for any doctor to care, but still sick enough for unrelenting misery to reign supreme.

This is so awesome, you guys.

My body temperature did manage to creep up from 97 to 98.1 yesterday. I have had the sweats and chills for a while, but no fever which has been confusing me. Turns out that could be adrenal. Technically low temps are only present in primary adrenal insufficiency, but since I am living this, I will take a stand and say it's not quite as black and white as the medical textbooks make it out to be.

Although my baseline temp dropped to 97 for some reason (I assume thyroid--even though my levels are normal, I do have autoimmune destruction of my defenseless thyroid going on even as I type this) earlier this year, so it wasn't like I was hanging out at 98.6 before.

(And no, I don't take my temperature unless I'm looking for a fever, but at the doctor's office on multiple visits last year/this year my temp was 97 and it caught my eye. Then the Hashimotos diagnosis came and it all dovetails quite nicely don't you think?)

Other adrenal patients (please note the plural) I have corresponded with have related stories about having serious infections and never registering a fever. They ended up in the hospital because no one would give them antibiotics.

I don't think that will happen to me. I mean, no, no one is going to give me antibiotics even though I think I probably need them. However I doubt I will end up in the hospital over this.

What will likely happen, if I don't get better on my own or become sick enough to justify an antibiotic prescription, is that this will persist until I catch the next bug and that on top of what is festering now in conjunction with poorly controlled asthma will take me down like Godzilla on a rampage.

Can you believe I had delusions of exercise this morning? Every morning I wake up and think, "I feel better! Today is going to be great!" Seriously, this is my thought process every morning the first 5-10 seconds after I open my eyes.

Then I get out of bed and it goes downhill so fast, my ears pop.


  1. Hi PoP,
    I'm working on my thesis draft at the moment and feeling a little stuck. Right now I'm looking at instances where patients are discussed with contempt (for example, obesity) in medblogs. I've noticed you've commented a few times on some medblog posts that I've been troubled by too. Any chance I could connect with you via email? If so, please email me at:

    Thanks! (and sorry to hear you are feeling crappy right now)

  2. Hey Penelope:

    Will email later today.

    This has always been the facet of med blogs that has bothered me the most. I never worried about privacy, which was what mainstream media perseverated on endlessly.

    I was always struck by the negative patient attitude and how often I encountered the 'crack whore' mentality as a patient when I was neither a drug seeker nor a whore.


  3. Hope your body decides to behave itself soon or perhaps some awesome docs will magically appear out of nowhere in your area. The menage a trois avec your inhaler make me giggle. I've totally been there. There are way too many nights that I've gone to bed with my inhaler and spacer under my pillow.

  4. Hey Kat! Hi!

    Yeah and inhalers make lousy pillows too! Too hard!

    Someone needs to invent a softer spacer.



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