Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Am Going to Sue My Body for Donut Damages--Can You Do That?

I seem to have adjusted to 5mg finally. I was so excited because I had the energy to go to the mall and buy the toddler some much needed underwear.

OH! And I didn't need a nap.

Happy Dance Snoopy style.

It's the little things.

Never mind. I'm sick. Sore throat, chills, the works. I was so close to being able to really start weaning again.


What do you think the odds are that I can hold steady on 5mg and not bump up through this? Assuming, of course, the asthma doesn't cause problems.

Bummed doesn't quite describe.

Bumf*cked is closer.

The really big downer is today is supposed to our annual trip to the pumpkin farm which we have done every year since the toddler was born. We gorge on pumpkin donuts (freshly made), hot cider, play with the farm animals, go on a hay ride and pick out our pumpkins. It is one of my absolute favorite family traditions and I'm going to miss it.

Here's last year, with the hubby and toddler ordering their donuts. So stinking cute.

And I can't go.

Aside from crying into my pillow and whining on the internet about it, I am reading more about Bronchial Thermoplasty as a potential treatment option for asthma. It's just been approved, from what I've been told. I am leery of any new treatment, especially irreversible stuff, but the practical reality is if I want to prevent Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency in the future, I need lungs that don't have asthma. Or at least have very mild asthma.

Because God knows I can't count on the doctors to be of any assistance with SAI, but I can probably get them to do something about the asthma.

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