Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Have

Cut off my hair--I have lost so much I can't carry off long hair. By the way, no make up, no sleep, and under attack from the green boogies of death in this pic so cut me some slack on this one, okay?
Marveled at the glorious Halloween skyline. The colors are all from the setting sun, not from the leaves.

Took the toddler trick or treating. We just did 4 houses, people we know. It was cold and God knows no one at our house needs candy.
Made chicken pot pie for the first time--it was very good, not low carb, but very good. Also, completely beige despite having a ton of veggies in it, including green ones!
Made tentacle pot pie in honor of Halloween (as featured on the Not Martha website).
Baked cinnamon swirl bread with the toddler--the little loaf is hers. Not pictured the upside down pineapple cake made for Grandma's birthday, her favorite.
Made kale chips in an effort to convince the toddler that vegetables taste good. She still doesn't believe me.
Made beautiful pumpkin banana cranberry muffins with ground flax.

The toddlers boogies are going into her chest. I keep thinking I'm better, but can't figure out why I don't feel better and why I still have a runny nose along with random stabbing pains in my sinuses, so not sure what is up with that. The hubby is in the early stages of the green boogies of death and is cranky as hell.

He got the 'I met all my commitments while sick and I have good excuses not to, sorry, but you don't get to huddle in bed all day' speech.

Gee, I wonder why he's so cranky? This is the downside of me being so used to pushing through, no one gets any slack.

Poor guy. Although I have been cooking for him (as you saw) and pushing vitamins. He did get some naps and I took the toddler in the morning so he could sleep in, so I'm not 100% evil.

More like 80%.

Despite the boogies, I did workout yesterday and really worked on the push-ups and sit-ups, managing to make myself so sore today that I passed on working out today.

So a lot going on over here.

I still have a lot to say about medicine, health, and health care, but right now? I am too tired and too busy to compose a big post. Soon though. Very soon.

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