Tuesday, October 12, 2010



Be vewy vewy quiet.

I think I turned the corner.

I only had to use the inhaler once last night instead of the 3-4 times it's been used the last several nights.

Only once.

That is GOOD.

I have less gunk.

That is really GOOD.

That'll teach me to whine dire health predicitons on the internet.

But shhhhhh. Don't tell the universe. That bitch hates me.

Also, it's not like the toddler slept.

The truth about parenting?

For realz?

Kids only sleep when you don't want them to. They never sleep when you need them to. Never.

You've been warned.

So the lack of sleep on top of the lack of sleep sucked zombie azz.

Two days of bday parties (hers and the neighbor boy) with no nap and copious amounts of cake turns out to negatively impact sleep in the under 5 set.

Who knew?

You know what I want to do now that I feel so much better? I want to have a mummy musical parade for the neighborhood kids. I have a not scary mummy story I can read for the littles who don't quite know what a mummy is yet. Excess toilet paper to make mummy wrappings. Everyone would bring their own musical instrument and we would make a racket. I think it would be fun. The toddler would love it.

But I need to taper down to 4mg on Thursday. Which means I have to sit on my hands because I will (most likely) have the energy of a comatose sloth.

I am grateful for prednisone, but I also hate it.

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