Saturday, October 16, 2010

Let the Good Times Roll

Have you ever just had such a good time with your kid that you never wanted it to end? I love those moments. I live for them. Now that the toddler is talking more and more, we have great conversations.

Yesterday, she had a run-in with a mean girl that really troubled her, probably because the kid bitch slapped her out of nowhere. As a result, at her initiation and direction (which I found amazing), we did a lot of role playing. I love seeing how her mind works, seeing how the best of our parenting efforts have blossomed.

Today we are off to the pumpkin patch for a super fun family day. Also, there will be pumpkin donuts. Need I say more?

I am totally rocking the 4mg taper.

Looking forward to starting up with the exercise again this Sunday.

I am optimistic. I cleaned the house until the Swiffer wet mops were gone. I made a kick-ass dinner with roasted veggies and goat cheese (drool) and chicken. We read a half-dozen books today, the toddler and I, complete with funny voices for each character (Cat in Cat in the Hat has a French accent by the way). I am having a GOOD time.

Life is SO much easier and fun when you're not infected by the green boogies of death with an overlay of adrenal suppression. Who knew?

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