Friday, October 15, 2010

Post Game Analysis

Yesterday was okay. Maybe a little too active for me as I hit the wall around 5pm, but some salt and sugar perked me up pretty quickly.

Beyond that, I can fit into the next size down of jeans. They are a smidge tight in the thighs and just a teeny bit tight in the waist. The thigh situation means they are not terribly flattering. Not sure how much more weight I need to lose. Probably 10lbs but 5lbs might do it.


I think I'll wear them around the house to remind me of what the priority is (i.e. not carbs!).

So close, yet so far. The really odd thing is the size above is hanging on me. I'm about 5lbs away from losing my pants if I lift my hands over my head. They've become hip huggers and sag so much, I have to wear heels with them or the cuffs drag on the floor.

The toddler has boogies. Again. Sigh. Is this how it goes in your house? Just a constant merry go round of sick? Or is it really the case that she has my immune system, which kind of functions like that of a gnat without a spleen.

Stupid sick.

On a happier note, I also perfected a recipe for a gluten free low carb pumpkin cranberry muffin. Delish, perfect for this time of year and only 10g of carbs. Gobble Gobble.

And now I'm off to live day 2 of 4mg.

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