Thursday, October 28, 2010

Responding to Comments

1. Anand:Yes, I am essentially paleo. That's kind of what low carb is, paleo. There are variations within low carb of which foods are allowed and which aren't, but all on the same spectrum. I have not found dairy to be a problem for me, although all I eat is cheese and some butter. Grains are almost completely out of the picture, I get some incidental exposure since everyone else here eats them.

2.Penelope: Parenting is the hardest job you'll ever love. If coping with chronic illness is central to a person's life, then it's awfully hard to fit in a kid. I would not want to have an infant right now with the way my health is, because I can't walk away or ignore the health issues I'm dealing with and infants have infinitely expanding needs.

There are no naps with infants. Or really any sleep at all. I can't imagine adrenal insufficiency in that context. Toddlers make it a little easier. Although every kid is different.

And I would add even once the diapers stop and the nursing stops, kids still need an extra $150-$300 a month for clothes, classes, shoes and other necessities. The financial impact of children combined with chronic illness in the face of health care reform in the US is serious and must be addressed prior to conception for everyone's sake.

Our insurance next year is self pay for the first $5,000 on top of the premium.

Who can afford children and medical care with that kind of health care plan?

No one I know, including us.

For your situation, with a traveling spouse, he either needs to shift gears in his career to be home more or you guys have to build up 5 years worth of savings for maid service and a nanny. Money buys you sleep. Time to be sick. Time to care for your needs. It allows him to come home and decompress without being instantly forced to provide a break for mommy. Money = improved quality of life. Alternately, a strong close knit, extended family works just as well, if you have one. We do not.

3.Have Myelin: Grace and humor would be nice, although truth be told, I'm much too cranky right now for either. The signature of the current virus is essentially losing your mind with bitchiness right before the boogies hit. Last night, the hubby was like "Why am I acting like such a jerk? I'm sorry." and I told him "The green boogies of death are coming for you. It's how it hit all of us, big time bitchiness first, boogies later."

On top of that, I am a realist and I am not going to romanticize early parenthood because that just sets people up for failure. I was so happy to have my daughter, but it was still, as you know, a huge change in our lives. It's hard to explain to people who don't have kids how much your life changes once you become a family but I try.

4.Hey Mo, thanks for the support as always. Yes, it's amazing how much dosing needs change with stress and illness. Thanks for the link.

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