Sunday, October 24, 2010

Super Fast

1. Toddler had her first sleepover at grandparents' house last night. They took her to the circus, front row seats and it did not go well. I warned them that a) she is a sensitive bean and b)afraid of loud noises. I heard she slept only from 12am to 6am. Poor thing.

2.We did swing the Halloween party. I even had fun and actually felt slightly less like death warmed over.

It was kind of an odd party for me though.

Full of medical professionals. Doctors, residents, nurses, etc... I'm not sure why we were there, but we know a friend of a friend and everyone loves the hubby, so that's how we got invited to a party full of people we had never met before.

Very nice people.

The hubby and I were the oldest ones there. I was also the tallest, biggest girl. Also bigger and taller than about 90% of the guys.

So that was kind of awkward. I don't mind my size, but if I am almost literally towering over a throng of size zero twigs, I start to feel like I need to be careful where I put my feet so I don't hurt anyone. You know, like Amelia Bedelia on growth hormone.

My friend tells me the first thing people notice about me is my height. I never really thought about it that way, I am not even 6 foot or anything really tall, but last night, I felt really out of place physically.

The other thing was, as nice as everyone was, I could not shake the idea that, based on my past experiences, at least 1/2 of them would argue with me about the asthma diagnosis and none of them would've caught the secondary adrenal insufficiency.

I don't know, it just...bummed me out. Overall though, the hubby and I had a good time. We danced a little bit even though no one else was. Hey, we don't get out of the house much so we have to take our fun where we can.

Okay, gotta dash, we're due to go pick up the toddler. I can't wait to give her a big hug.

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