Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Monday I did okay. Better than expected.

Tuesday I started hitting the wall with some dizziness, fatigue and wobbly blood pressure that required more pickles than I wanted to eat to stabilize. Also some minor wheezing and hacking that kept me up a good portion of the night.

Today is my last 'big' day of the week. Normally, I could chill and recover after this, but this week I have to gear up for the toddler's bday. So no recovery time. Which may mean bumping up the prednisone.


At least no one started puking.

I gave up on trying to make a bday cake and will go to the bakery to order it today while she's in preschool. I still plan to cook for 20+ family and friends. I am pretty sure I can do it.

If I can manage the preschool run and work and blog (incessantly, I know, because I don't feel up to doing anything else), I can cook a slow cooker dinner and throw together some sides.

That's all I got. Go read the Methacholine Challenge post below. That will keep you busy.

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