Friday, January 14, 2011

In Need of the Force

Exercised yesterday. Went well at the time, but pooped me out today. The muscle pain is gone but the cramps are a problem with exercise and on a hair trigger---there is no stretching, none, no sudden movements or reaching either, got it?

I recall this from the last time (the time all the doctors agreed I was suppressed). I couldn't lift weights and did very rote exercise like treadmills and the elliptical--regular walking hurt too much.

This lasted a couple years.

Just one little asthma attack....

Sometimes I think I'm the poster girl for someone who really should never ever take prednisone.

But I exercised and it didn't hurt too much.

Didn't feel like much of a victory either.

Lots of non medical stuff going on. Hubby is leaving me for a week for a business trip. I hope this time single parenting won't be as difficult as it has been the other times. I'm not sick (well, not anymore than usual) and the toddler has been out of diapers at night since before she turned 3 so there's a dearth of bed wetting (thank goodness and no, we had nothing to do with it, it was all the toddler).

However, the hubby is sick and the timing would be I catch it right around now, ugh. I'm trying (and failing) to get some soup and almond muffins made so if the worst happens, there's food at the ready.

Also I did cave and re-start Singulair. The asthma improved and then got worse and all I can say is it's been a cold lung lashing winter. I'm not sure what the deal is, this is unusual for my lungs. I still have a productive cough so perhaps the virus I barely had is still active. The hubby coughed for about 6 weeks.

Some of the stuff that hit the fan before Christmas is being very difficult to resolve. I'm having a hard time finding the experts I need to deal with things which is very very bad.

When it rains, it pours and I never carry an umbrella.

On the silver lining side, the nice thing about Lemony Snicket serious problems is that you appreciate the good stuff. In fact, diving into it and living in the moment is the only thing that keeps you sane. Like snuggling with my girl and playing 'baby' and answering questions like 'do dogs talk, momma?' and having a rare lunch out with hubby/Daddy.

I'm living in the moment a lot these days. I suppose that is not such a bad thing.

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