Saturday, January 15, 2011

Maybe the Problem Is the People I'm Sleeping With & Lisinopril is Loopy

PART I: I Need to Sleep with Someone Else

Pride goes before a fall.

The toddler unleashed Niagara in her bed at 2am last night. I am so sorry I said anything. Really.

The hubby's snoring kept me up. I asked him to roll over, but after a while there was no place left to roll.

Then his phone blipped notification of an incoming email at 3 am. (I would like to know who that was so I can send a fax to their home number at the same time.)

He sleeps with his phone.

Because he uses it as his alarm and in case there's an emergency at work.

I hate his phone. Like sleeping with a noisemaker.

The toddler is afraid of the dark and sometimes likes to wail about it in the wee hours of the morning. Think Muslim call to prayer with a side of sobbing.

We slept with the lights on from 4am forward.

My gut decided to be a problem making it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Muscle cramps woke me up when I did finally get to sleep (don't listen to me when I say the muscle cramps are better).

When the toddler pitter-pattered to our bed this morning, I tried to convince her it wasn't morning yet.

Because I thought it wasn't morning.

Little did I know it was 7:30am.

I wonder how much of an improvement it would be to my health if I moved out, got my own place and slept BY MYSELF?!

PART II: Lisinopril is Loopy

So I forgot to take the Lisinopril this morning and the second I did? BAM! Smacked in the head with foggy dizziness.


Lisinopril Side Effects: Like a roller coaster but without the $40 entrance fee.

So that explains that.

Although not the times I feel that way and am not on BP meds (i.e. the almost syncope of the tilt table test, see also the time period between March and Christmas).

I wonder if it will pass? It seems sometimes Lisinopril side effects fade but there's no specific statement of 'dizziness stops after X time' anywhere.

I had been at 10mg. Now I've halved it to 5mg and it's still like getting whiplash from a manic Tilt-A-Whirl.

Strangely, this didn't happen last time. Why can't it ever just be simple?

Time to call the primary care doc I think.


  1. Sleeping in a room with a sound machine set to white noise or ocean waves (sometimes rain), totally alone and totally dark is the only way I can stay rested. We have two bedrooms -- sometimes we sleep in the same one and sometimes not. Depends on back pain for him and all-over pain for me. Hubby can sleep in the same position all night long. Not me. I move around constantly during the night. And sometimes I need more space -- so I go across the hall to have a huge bed to myself. We confuse the dogs quite often though because they like to sleep in the room with us (they are not allowed in the bed but have their own beds near ours). Funny thing is the big boxer boy (my service dog) snores worse than my hubby!! LOL And speaking of hubs -- he's been using a CPAP machine for about 10 years now and I haven't been awakened or kept awake by snoring ever since -- and it's total bliss!!

    Wishing you some restful nights soon.

  2. I LOVE white noise. I use a fan year round, in the winter I just point it to the wall.

    I can't leave to sleep someplace else, I'm the only one who wakes up enough to hear the toddler when she's up.

    I also hear the hubby's alarm before he does and often wake him up for the day as a result.

    I think the hubby should go someplace else to sleep.

    90% of the time though I can tune it out, but man was he loud that night.



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