Friday, January 21, 2011

Various Addendums

1. On the genetics of friendship link I posted, I did want to add the thought that maybe drinkers hang out with drinkers because, I don't know, they all go to bars? And non drinkers don't go to bars and thus meet each other that way.

I am a non drinker. Never been drunk in my life. Just don't have the palate for booze. So all my friends are dry.

Is it genetics or circumstance? Hmmmm. Not sure if the study controlled for any of that.

2.The knife handle that broke was my grandmother's. I have an almost animistic ancestor worship thing going on with my grandmothers. Both passed. Both lovely women who (whom?) I miss deeply.

So all I have are their things and the memories. When the things turn to dust, almost literally, in my hand, it's a bit of a bummer.

3.The egg really was full of blood. Never saw that before. I'm sure it portends nothing pleasant. If you can think of a positive spin, please share.

4.The hubby comes home today. YAY! I did a decent job as a single parent despite having the laziest adrenal glands on earth.

We did crafts.

I took her:

  • Swimming
  • To the birthday party from hell
  • To preschool
  • To McDonald's playland
  • To her gym class
  • To ballet class
  • To the library
  • AND organized two play dates

There was also a lot of takeout food as something had to give. Plus napping or lolling on the couch while the toddler did God knows what. I am exhausted and plan to spend an entire day sleeping in the near future. Seriously. The entire day.

Also, the hubby won a $50 Visa gift card while in Vegas, but not gambling, as part of the business thingy he was attending. It's mine. All mine. Mine mine mine. To spend on myself as I wish.

Meaning I'll buy clothes for the toddler. Who grew again. Already?

Windfalls, please meet the infinitely expanding black hole of child rearing costs.

5.I pulled my hamstring. From a combination of steroid induced muscle spasms and running with the toddler prior to her gym class (always always encouraging exercise as an adjunct to her physical therapy). Running is maybe too strong a word as I am not in such hot shape despite exercising (feebly) every 2 to 3 days. As evidence: The toddler can outrun me.

But the more-rapid-than-walking I did was not a hit with the hammy.


But I checked out a Brazilian Carnival workout DVD from the library anyway. Hope springs eternal.

So does, apparently, asthma.

6.With the hubby coming home, I am facing the fact that I slept so much better without his snoring and beeping. Sigh. I could sleep somewhere else BUT I am the only one who hears the toddler at night. Not only is the hubby noisy, he sleeps like a drunk bear in the deep of winter. Hence the reason why I still do 99.8% of the night time parenting.

Maybe I can ask him to relocate to another bed every so often. It's not always so horrible, but I do think that it's not just the steroid insomnia that has me using children's Benadryl so often as a sleep aid; it helps me sleep through the noise too.

EDITED TO ADD: The toddler peed the bed last night. Hubby snored. I swear these people are half my fatigue problem.

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