Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Little I Had

I gave to this young newlywed watching her husband die from a rare brain cancer. Not how anyone pictures the first year of marriage.

Major media coverage on this story here.

I married at 22. He was an illegal alien and I hadn't finished college yet, my family was aghast. As was his, primarily because I was American. We've lived to prove them wrong, this couple will never have that chance.

So, I don't really have any money, but there's always a few bucks laying around not doing anything special. Because I'm always afraid to spend them because there's never enough stupid money. This seemed like the right way to dispose of them.

If you are so inclined to do the same, I know they would be grateful.

No one should have to die wondering how they will pay for food and shelter let alone basic medical care.

Stupid money. F*ck cancer.


  1. I read that story. What I am wondering is - their families are both middle class. His parents were paying his tuition. Aren't the parents helping now? What on earth?

  2. My family helps us partly due to the fact we have a young child (which they know is expensive) and partly due to the health whammy that hit me last year. And there's still never enough money.

    Hence my attempt to go back to work even though I'm not actually certain I can work just yet. (I figure they can fire me if I can't hack it.)

    It is always easy to spot other solutions from the outside, there's always a better way to manage something. Which can make donation situations like this tricky. I try to just give without expectation. I can't control how people live, all I can control is what I do, you know?


  3. Oh, I wasn't commenting on the donation or anything. I was just wondering why it seems that the parents weren't helping them anymore. I would have hoped, in such a situation, that the families would be there for them.


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